This past Sunday we took advantage of the great weather to check out a nice trail in Bukow, just North of Berlin, called “Schöpfungspfad”. With Bukow as a starting point, we had to choose between two trails. The first was the normal, 7 km Schöpfungspfad, which was marked in yellow – the second, marked in green, was an extended 13 km version. Obviously, we took the longer route.

The landscape surrounding the trail was actually shaped during the ice age and is characterized by its fields which cling to round grassy hills with jutting patches of forest, coupled with the hundreds of small ponds and lakes for which Brandenburg is famous. The atmosphere was calm, breezy and serene (thus making the trail ideal for a moment of reflection).

The sun warm against our backs, we hiked through rough terrain, taking advantage of every opportunity to bask in the tranquility of the path. Throughout the day, we encountered several herds of horses, cows and oxes lounging on fields bleached by the summer sun. After a few kilometers we happened upon a majestic and imposing old oak tree atop a hill, under which we enjoyed some shade, a little break and a stunningly rewarding view of Brandenburg.

These landmarks really made me think about how this trail has remained largely the same for the last 150 years, and I marvelled at the thought of having shared the same vistas with wanderers long gone. However, as later the trail crossed the highway the illusion of an untouched landscape was somewhat shattered as changes have indeed occurred to this area in the last few years.

At the tail end of our journey, we walked through single street villages, admiring the humble houses with meticulously trimmed front yards. The rugged hills and lush forest dissipated after 13 km of hiking, and the path met its end in the little farmer town of Buckow.

Want to check the trail out for yourself? Find more information about the path here:

Length: 13 km | Time: 3-4 hours

A GPX route description can be downloaded here: