Its getting colder outside, leaves are falling and we found an amazing fall forest idyll near Dannenwalde south of Fürstenberg. The area was a military artillery station for a long time and the site of the “Dannenwalde Rocket Accident“. This turbulent history also resulted in a widely untouched forest area with nice mixed trees and huge marsh lands.

View over Little Weltow lake.
Beautiful fall color palette.
Lush beech forests glow in yellow and light green.
Plants on plants.
Marshland shore.
This charismatic fallen tree.
Some autumn friends.
Great place for a break.
View from the living room.
Misty swamp.
Mushrooms everywhere.
Amanita portrait.
Glowing autumn leaves. What a great hike.

Start/End: Dannenwalde train station

How to get here?

Take the RE5 from Gesundbrunnen to Dannenwalde train station. The forest starts in the South-West. Follow the yellow-circle route.