Join us on a tour through the magnificent Feldberger Seenlandschaft with its endless lakes connected by small, overgrown creeks. With an mixture of paddling and hiking this is a packrafting tour par excellence.

The Schmaler Luzern near Feldberg with its clean green water.
Multiple islands can be explored at Carwitzer lake. Motorized boats are not allowed here so its nice and quiet.
The passages between lakes through long winding creeks were the highlights of this tour.
Definitely the calmest way to explore nature.
Lots and lots of water lilies.
Water so clear…
Short portage between Dreetz lake and Krüselin lake.
Some nice reed tunnels.
This was one of the most spectacular sections, the creek was cutting through a serene forest.
Leaving the forest again, the landscape is ever changing.
There is a perfectly nice (and free) biwakplatz at Schreibermühle…
… including a nice fire pit.

An amazing 2 day canoe route with some of Brandenburgs most beautiful scenery. The last section of the tour via the Küstrinchen Bach is blocked for canoes during summer because of low water levels (More information here), so we hiked the rest of the way to Lychen, but canoe taxis are available as well. For detail information the Jübermann watersport map TA6 is strongly recommended for this tour.

Start: Feldberg train station – End: Lychen bus terminal