The Grumsiner forest was a dedicated hunting area for the last few hundred years and today is a UNESCO World Nature Heritage site. The area is famous for its beech forest which was left mostly untouched for 20 years now to bring it back to a natural state. This was really a bright green tour! 

We were welcomed by glowing rapeseed fields…
What a lovely green trail!
Twisted dead tree.
Nice green tunnel.
Part of the trail goes over this nice historic cobblestone path.
Typical Brandenburger agriculture views outside of the forest.
This forest houses some really beautiful old trees.
Some storm damage at the edge of the area.

Truly a green oasis in the middle of Brandenburg! And while being a UNESCO World Natural Heritage Forest its still not overrun at all but offers tranquility and solitude.

You can find more information about this beautiful forest and its history here.

Start: Altkünkendorf – End: Altkünkendorf | 13km

How to get here?

Take the RE3 from Gesundbrunnen to Angermünde train station and then the bus 496 to Altkünkendorf.
Same way back.