In this series of posts I want to document my 2019 hikes of which I plan to do 52, so on average one a week. The idea is really just to elevate my favorite hobby to the next level.

First hike was just a quick visit in my current forest of choice, the Müggelspree-Löcknitzer Wald- und Seengebiet (Thats a great short German name if I know one). This forest is easy to get to for me, very close directly east of Berlin and its empty of people and has beautiful hidden spots. Love to explore here, always totally worth the trip and this time was no different.

First snowish tour of the year! 🤩
Found this amazing spot with a small pond. Really hidden and a great place for a tea break!
Little esbit cooker doing his thing.
And what a view over the tea cup.
“Walk on me!”
This fallen tree somehow fascinated me.
Great colors.
View over a little swamp area.
Somebody broke the outhouse.
Charismatic tree stump.