This weekend we made a trip to nature park Märkische Schweiz about an hour east of Berlin. We found a beautiful area with lots of lakes and creeks and surprisingly hilly landscape that was formed by the last ice age.

We parked in Bukow and were directly greeted a nice locals who wanted to give us his sightseeing recommendations. Thanks! So we started our route from here with insider tips.
And what he told us was, “look out for the beaver dams!”. And we did.
Beaver living room visiting.
Winter creek goodness.
We did not meet any beavers but they seem to come around.
Quite a varied landscape including some typical Brandenburger views…
… and some quite steep forest trails. This one in fact required a lot of climbing because of fallen trees.
Slippery but beautiful.
Yep thats a trail.
We found some surprising cool views.
More fallen trees with damaged sign.

Find more information about the nature park Märkische Schweiz here.