This weeks tour brought me to an area called Plagefenn in the north east of Eberswalde which is defined by swamps, lakes and forest. I was lucky enough that it was a snow day which added another layer of atmosphere to the landscape.

I started the tour at the Chorin monastery and the Amtsee presented itself completely snowed over.
Look at this swampy swampness ūüôĆ
Lots of fog and great lighting made this tour special.
Amazing huge marsh clearing.
Half tour it started snowing again.
Nothing better than pine forest in snow.
The forest bordered the Oder-Havel-channel which was being swallowed by foggy nothingness.
Into the void.
Somehow this lake was not frozen over.
Natural framing.
Embarrassment of swampy riches at Britz.

Amazing tour, will definitely come back here soon!

Start: Chorin train station / End: Britz train station | ca. 20km

How to get here?

Take the RE3 from Gesundbrunnen to Chorin train station.
Take the RE3 from Britz back to Gesundbrunnen train station.