The first March weekend was going to be a rainy one. Still a chance for a quick tour to Münchehofer Heide, a heather area right at the border of Berlin and Brandenburg just east of the German capital. The area is easy to reach with the Berlin S-Bahn – start point is train station Rahnsdorf. So grab a rain jacket and enjoy a quick walk trough some sand dunes with us!

First part of the tour leads trough the vast Berlin forest at the eastern city limits.
Lots of boar tracks all around.
The northern part of the forest is untouched by forestry and sports many fallen trees.
Quick hammock break.
Suddenly the forest ends and the sandy heather gets visible.
Very interesting atmosphere in combination with a rainy days lighting.
This area is located directly on the Berlin city limits where Brandenburg begins.
Rough beauty – worth a quick visit.

Start: Rahnsdorf train station – End: Friedrichshagen train station | 10km

How to get here?

Take the S3 from Berlin center to Rahnsdorf train station.
Take the S3 back from Friedrichshagen to Berlin center.