This was a rainy one! North of Berlin lies the nature reserve Finow Valley with lakes and creeks, just typical for Brandenburg. This is the right place for Berliners who are looking for some solitude and relaxation. Come with us for a a rainy day in the forest!

Welcomed by pines.
Click to enlarge this view!
Whole areas were carpeted with moss.
… more moss.
Typical Brandenburg marshlands.
Beautiful colors.
It was a wet day, and the trail got really muddy.
Don’t fall.
View over the wintery Lehnssee.
At one point the rain got really heavy, but luckily there was a shelter. Time for tea.
Majestic marshlands. Awesome but wet tour.

Start: Melchow train station – End: Biesenthal train station | 22km

How to get here?

Take the RB24 from Ostkreuz to Melchow train station.
Take the RB24 back from Biesenthal train station to Ostkreuz.