The Berlin Easter weekend 2019 was a sunny one! What better to do than to check out how far along spring at Schorfheide is. Schorfheide is a ca 1000 square kilometers big nature reserve just north of Berlin and easy to reach via train or car. This tour started at Groß Schönebeck with the destination Joachimsthal.

Just from the start Schorfheide presents itself from its best side.
So green.
Lots of blossoming.
Fallen tress are not getting removed here.
Serious leafage.
No better place for a nap.
This is the biggest pine in Schorfheide, at least thats what the sign claims. And its a beauty!
The tour ended at the lovely historical train station in Joachimsthal.

What a sunny tour through Schorfheide solitude. 5/5 stars.

Start: Groß Schönebeck train station – End: Joachimsthal Kaiserbahnhof train station | 26km

How to get here?

Take the S2 from Gesundbrunnen to Karow and then the RB27 to Bad Schönebeck.
Take the RB63 from Joachimsthal Kaiserbahnhof to Britz and then the RE3 back to Gesundbrunnen.