For this long weekend the random tour generator selected the Obere Havelniederung or the Upper Havel Lowland north of Berlin, between Oranienburg and Schorfheide. The day started quite cloudy, but it was supposed to get a very sunny tour. So pack some snacks and water, get your sun hat and join us on this sun-drenched hike along hidden creeks an oak woods!

Many of these trails are just how we like them – wild and overgrown.
Hello, handsome!
Ferns wherever you look. Awesome!
Aforementioned ferns.
The hammock-perspective. Highly recommended.
Willow presenting herself postcard worthy.
We came across this awesome oak forest mixed with ferns.
Such great lighting under these oaks.
For a moment we thought about just living here now. If you need me I’m with the oaks.
We met this fuzzy fella along the trail just nibbling away on a leaf.
Towards the end of the tour one can find a lot of bunker ruins belonging to an old NVA air defense base. Creepy!

What a beautiful sunny summer hike – highly recommended! (Bring mosquito spray 🙃)

Start: Schmachtenhagen train station – End: Lottschesee train station | 20km

How to get here?

Take the S1/S2 from Gesundbrunnen to Karow and then the RB27 to Schmachtenhagen train station.
Take the RB27 from Lottschesee to Karow and then the S1/S2 to Gesundbrunnen.