This August we reached for the far north – Swedish Lapland. No roads, no villages, just wilderness for 8 days. Follow us to the northern edge of Sweden and experience these rough and beautiful landscapes. Also check out the full tour video at the end of the post!

Early morning after the first overnight. Floored by the beauty.
The nicest bedroom I’ve ever slept in.
Chilling at the glacier river.
Little break between the glaciers.
Snow in August.
Sun down after a very long day.
What does it mean?
Just sitting and drinking that pure water.
Thats our way right there.
Doing some filming.
Pictures do not do this landscape justice.
This valley was one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been.
One more example. Goosebumps.
Check out that storm in the distance including rainbow.
Following the river uphill.
Higher and higher.
Even higher.
View from the top.
Mirror lake camping site.
Next day was a tiny bit foggy.
Descending into clouds.
More mountain lakes.
Into the fog.
The last day blessed us with the nicest summer weather.
So nice.
We made it. Arriving at Nikkaluakta from which the Bus takes us back to the airport.
Swedish Lapland - 8 Days Wilderness Adventure (No Commentary)
See the full tour video here