Time for another overnight adventure – just pack the backpack and hit the trains towards nature! This time I wanted to discover the northern edge of Brandenburg around Fürstenberg. No further plans just leaving town into the woods and enjoy some nature.

At the edge of Fürstenberg is this awesome roofed wooden bridge.
Found this old ferry that was used to transport trains over the Havel river!
Beautiful landscapes right outside the city limits.
I want to walk nowhere else.
Switching to fewer walked paths. Also some summer rain is falling.
After a few kilometers the forests makes way for a big heath area.
Found a lookout – what a view!
Also a great place to spend the evening and watch the sun go down.
Good Morning! So early, so foggy.
OK, last one.
Some mossy tree trunk.
I met a lot of deer this morning. On the path, left and right. Hard to photograph, though.
The tour ended in this green creek valley which got me completely soaked.

A beautiful 24 hour tour. The foggy morning was a great bonus!

Start: Fürstenberg train station – End: Dannenwalde train station | 18km

How to get here?

Take the RE5 from Gesundbrunnen to Fürstenberg train station.
Take the RE5 from Dannewald train station back to Gesundbrunnen.