Last weekend we packed our backpacks for a longer hike on the northern border of Brandenburg. Starting at Rheinsberg, through the nature reserve Stechlin up to Havel river and then to Fürstenberg. The weather was a bit rough, which provided its own special atmosphere. We came across a lot of beautiful nature spots and the creepy former DDR nuclear power plant Rheinsberg. Join us on a windy tour towards the Havel!

Cool path.
Lovely green beech forest.
The former DDR nuclear plant Rheinsberg. As the structure is still radiated it can not be torn down before 2069. (Wikipedia)
Leaving Brandenburg.
Spiderwebs 😦
We arrived at Havel river and it was quite windy.
Sunset at Havel.
Good night at Havel.
Wood tunnel.
What a handsome tree.
These green meadows…
Back in Fürstenberg: Characteristic old industrial buildings.

An awesome, windy tour through beautiful north Brandenburg – always worth a visit and only an hour train ride away.

Start: Rheinsberg train station – End: Fürstenberg train station | 35km

How to get here?

Take the RB54 from Lichtenberg to Rheinsberg train station.
Take the RE5 back from Fürstenberg to Gesundbrunnen.