It was beautiful weather in Berlin the last few days, the perfect chance for a mid-May Schorfheide overnight adventure! Starting from Joachimsthal the plan was to head north-west and just discover this forest and lake heavy part of Brandenburg without any route in mind. As often around Berlin not only relaxing nature and solitude was found but also monuments of darker times.

Sunny start late afternoon in Joachimsthal, a typical small Brandenburg village.
Quickly I find myself in this beautiful mixed forest.
After a few hours a small lake gets visible. It is already getting late and this is a superb spot to spend the evening. Time for dinner and watching the sun go down over the lake…
Early morning: the sun rises after a relaxing night in this idyll. Time to explore the area a bit more!
Morning lake view.
Another one. No-one here but me and some ducks.
Down the road I stumble over this sign. Turns out here was the “hunting lodge” named Carinhall of Nazi Germany’s second greatest criminal, Hermann Göring. What a dark shadow on this wonderful landscape. The structure was completely torn down after the war and is now just woodland with some hidden ruins.
The road towards Carinhall with old Third Reich architecture.
The so called Jew Bridge near Friedrichswalde marks the end of this tour.

An awesome relaxing tour through the wide forests of Schorfheide with a dark aftertaste in the end.

Start: Joachimsthal train station – End: Friedrichswalde train station | 16km

How to get here?

Take the RB24 from Ostkreuz to Eberswalde train station and the RB63 to Joachimsthal.
Take the RB63 from Friedrichswalde to Eberswalde train station and then the RB24 back to Ostkreuz.