There are multiple places around Berlin that were lend the name “Schweiz” (Switzerland) for its beautiful landscapes, such as Sächsische Schweiz (Saxon Switzerland) or Mecklenburgische Schweiz (Mecklenburg Switzerland). The closest Switzerland to Berlin is the Märkische Schweiz or the nature park with this name. It’s rich in hilly, forested landscapes in combination with small lakes and villages. After a winter hike here earlier this year, join us now on a revisit in during peak summer!

Village idylle in Dahmsdorf.
Such a sunny day.
Entering the jungle.
I love overgrown trails.
A green pond.
Hello, buddy!
Look at this green window into the sky.
Nice clouds over Brandenburg.
Bukow lake view.
Those green hills.
This impressive landscape view in Bukow! A worthy end for a great tour.
Wandern durch die Märkische Schweiz
Watch the tour video (YouTube)

Märkische Schweiz is a beautiful nature park and some nice hilly change from Berlins flat lands. Highly recommended.

Start: Müncheberg (Mark) train station – End: Müncheberg (Mark) train station | 28km

How to get here?

Take the RB26 from Ostkreuz to Müncheberg (Mark) train station.
Same way back.