South of Berlin between Jüterbog and Baruth lies the nature reserve Heidehof-Golmberg over 30km wide and covering 12.000ha. The area was used as military testing ground by soviet troops for almost 50 years after WW2 until the early 90s including shooting and bombing practices. The landscape is now a mixture of untouched semi desert heath areas and sandy pine forests with countless reminders of its military past. While its not the easiest to get to, this location rewards wanderers with absolute solitude and spectacular nature views. Join us on a very special tour through this hidden gem south of Berlin!

Right from the start the tour shows off Brandenburgs green vistas.
Spring is here with full force.
The entrance to Heidehof leads through dense forest.
The most western part of the area is now used for wind energy.
View from an old military lookout point.
From this point one can see the full extend of the area. Walk the endless road.
The heath landscape almost feels desert-like. Looks more like southern Europe than Brandenburg.
What a special landscape.
Just hiking down this beautiful path for hours and hours.
Hidden reminders of the soviet past left and right. Signs, ruins of concrete structures and lots of parts of torn metal.
The end of the day got really sunny. Time to find a place to spend the night outside the nature reserve.
The next morning was cold but beautiful.
The last part of the hike was characterized by sandy pine forests and craters over craters. This was obviously the bombing practice area.
Do not leave the trail in areas marked liked this, as old ammunition and bombs can still be severe danger!
Multiple of these old creepy metal towers are scattered over the land.
This sunny view towards Baruth marks the end of the tour. Almost 40 km of complete solitude and silence. Amazing.

Easily one of the best tours in Brandenburg yet! Can not recommend enough spending a visit to this awesome nature reserve. The military ruins really add a creepy vibe to the landscape (Please pay attention to the warning signage!).

Start: Jüterbog train station – End: Baruth train station | 38km

How to get here?

Take the RE4 from Südkreuz to Jüterbog train station.
Take the RE5 from Baruth train station back to Südkreuz.