Another completely unplanned 24 hour trip. This tour in the north of Brandenburg started in Fürstenberg (Havel) with a huge thunderstorm. Just after I arrived heavy rain, hail and lightning welcomed me. The dark stormy sky was a perfect background for the historic site I was about to stumble upon. Come along on a tour through Brandenburg’s green backcountry and hidden monuments of bleaker times!

The rain finally stopped after 45 minutes and when I just left the village behind me I came across a group of old rotting empty houses without realizing what they were part of…
Turns out I stumbled into the Ravensbrück concentration camp – the biggest NS prison camp for women in the 3rd Reich. It is now a well maintained memorial and museum for the murderous crimes of the NS regime and really worth a visit. More info here.
Entrance to the camp itself – photos don’t do the atmosphere any justice.
Next to the camp factories were located where the women were forced to work. Frequent signs give a glimpse into the day to day life of the inmates.
I left the camp on the eastern side though a small forest…
…only to find the remains of the next concentration camp – the KZ Uckermark for girls and young women. In 1945 it was used as an extermination camp and approximately 5000 women were murdered here. More info here.
Finally the edge of town and entering the countryside.
The skies were clearing up it got really sunny.
The Sidow lake.
The idyllic village of Himmelpfort.
At the other end of the village lies a huge forest…
…populated by mean spirited lumber demons.
Look who I met in the morning!
Oh hello!
Early morning forest goodness.
Suddenly the forest opens up to another heathland area that was once a military training ground (Truppenübungsplatz Tangersdorf).
And it’s a big one.
The area is part of the nature reserve Kleine Schorfheide…
… and it is a beauty.
Once again riddled with old ammunition.
Fun creek crossing.
The village “Beutel” definitely is a chill one.
The last kilometers until Templin.
My legs hurt, but look at this green trail!

A very eventful tour. Saw lots of animals, nature and accidental history.

Start: Fürstenberg train station – End: Templin Stadt train station | 35km

How to get here?

Take the RE5 from Gesundbrunnen to Fürstenberg train station.
To get back take the RB63 from Templin Stadt to Eberswalde and then the RE3 to Gesundbrunnen.