Last weekend I tried something a little different – mixing hiking and paddling with my new packraft. A packraft is a light and very portable inflatable boat which easily fits in a hiking backpack. This way traveling with a boat via train or reaching remote rivers/lakes is no longer an issue. The land around Berlin is excellent for activities of this sorts with hundreds of lakes and rivers and channels which are mostly all connected. Hopefully the first of many tours on outhike with land and water sections!

Right from the start at Hangelsberg the Müggelspree was presenting itself from its most beautiful side.
Taking a quick break from the hot sun…
Many nice old oak trees hang over the water and show their roots.
Beautiful oak shades…
That sky was really showing off…
Quick break for some snacks at one of numerous campings sites.
A small pedestrian bridge marked almost the end of the paddle tour. Around a kilometer later I left the river and headed for Fangschleuse train station.

A short but lovely paddling tour, very easy to reach from Berlin. The tour can easily be extended up to Erkner by another 15km but I did not have the time. This is also a great 2 day tour with plenty of nice camping spots.

Start: Hangelsberg train station – End: Fangschleuse train station | 22km

How to get here?

Take the RE1 from Ostkreuz to Hangelsberg train station.
Take the RE1 back from Fangschleuse train station.