One of the specialties of Berlin is its location in the middle of the green and very sparse populated lands of Brandenburg. This makes it possible to swap the bumbling city live for for some green nature relaxation just by jumping onto the next train. But what are the best hikes around Berlin? While every tour on outhike had some special facet to remember, some tours were especially impressive and beautiful. The following are our favorites hiking trips so far (Follow the links for detailed tour descriptions with photos and videos):

Upper Havel Lowlands

Between Oranienburg and Eberswalde lies this hidden idyll. Lush oak forests and green meadows. Big recommendation for a day hike. Tour description

Grumsiner Forest

The Grumsiner Forest is a UNESCO world heritage site and still not widely known. Take a deep dive into the old green beech forests. Tour desciption

Rheinsberg to Fürstenberg

At the northern border of Brandenburg one can find this very special area with countless small lakes and rivers. Watch the sun go down at the Havel riverside with us. Tour description


Hidden in the far south of Berlin this treasure trove of nature and war history can be found. This old red army military area now houses one of Bradenburg’s most distinctive landscapes. Tour description